What we produce






Safe packaging

Fruits and vegetables placed in our paper trays  do not touch each other. The specific properties of the paper make the nests adapt in shape to the fruit, creating a safe, natural environment.

Storage and transport

Fruits and vegetables are kept in cold stores. On hot days, they are covered with dew, and excess water flows into a paper press which gets easily. During exposure, water evaporates providing optimal conditions of high humidity, prolonging the freshness of the fruit/vegetable. Maintaining a distance between fruits and vegetables placed in separate nests ensures their safety in transport.

Exposition in the store

Fruits and vegetables displayed in our paper trays products retain freshness longer. Paper of natural colour, as well as dyed in mass, guarantees food safety. Individually designed, personalized prints enable communication with the customer, promoting the supplier and the product.


Research carried out in retail chains has shown that customers are more likely to reach for fruit and vegetables in paper trays.


We produce tray liners in two basic types:

Single-layer liner – from a single ribbon of paper, for displaying goods in a horizontal position,

Two-layer liner – characterized by greater stiffnes, allowing the exposure of fruits and vegetables in an inclined position. It is also used for multi-level packaging of vegetables and fruits in the cartons.


For production of trays we use: paper in natural kraft colour, white paper, or paper dyed in the mass.

Paper dyed in the mass has a uniform, saturated, matte colour, which goes well with packed vegetable and fruit.


Colourful or single-color prints on paper trays give a very wide range of possibilities for promotion and personalization of the product and visual communication with the customer.


Standard formats in which we produce our trays are: 60 x 40 cm, 50 x 30 cm and 40 x 30 cm. Custom sizes can be prepared as part of individual arrangements with the client.

Different shapes of the nests in our products allow them to be used for a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

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Paper trays are used for packaging vegetables and fruits in the collective cartons, in which there are several packed layers, as well as in individual cartons, which are then further used for display in stores.

Isolating fruit and vegetables from each other during packaging and transport minimizes losses resulting from fruit skins rubbing against one another. 

Accumulated moisture from the washing or condensation of water vapor on the surface of fruits and vegetables is absorbed and returned through the paper. This process maintains good condition of your produce.


Suppliers of paper – our raw material to produce paper trays – are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The paper we use is a recyclable raw material, biodegradable and compostable.

We conduct detailed supervision over the quality of the supplied raw material. In our food safety system, we identify each paper roll delivered to us. We fully monitor the raw materials, processes of production, storage, and delivery of our products to customers.


In some cases, an alternative to paper drawpieces may be spacers that we have in our offer. Their weight ranges from 35 to 100 GSM. The standard spacers come in a regular – rectangular form. At your request, we can prepare other shapes.


Complementing the offer of paper packaging for vegetables and fruits, we also sell sides for boxes with a weight of 100 gsm.

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